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Computer vision, Optical Character Recognition, Machine Learning, Computer graphics, Augmented Reality. We will provide the solution for your tasks.

Damiles.com has more than 8 years of experience in computer vision solutions. Provide to companies the solution that are looking for with small costs.

We create the computer vision application that you need with profesional interfaces and with last technologies. Fast and low costs.


  • Augmented Reality
  • Optical Character Recognition
  • Medical image processing
  • Video Survillance
  • Industrial mesuraments
  • Image analysis with ir
  • Page/layout analysis
  • ¬†Optical Flow

Performance and scalability

We build your computer vision solution for fast and scalability, with cloud servers or offline computer

Page layout analysis and OCR

We build custom and personalized applications for page analysis and Optical Character Recognition

Multidevice and MultiOS

We can create our applications for any OS and any Device.

About Company

about_us_homeDamiles.com is a next generation computer vision company, where all actual and future technologies merge to produce computer vision solutions, augmented reality aplications, pattern recognition algorithms, machine learning process and artificial intelligence solutions. Damiles.com has know-how to provide solutions to a small, medium and big companies that want introduce computer vision technologies in his production process. We analyze your needs and we provide diferent posibilities and solution to cover all your needs with the best software and hardware that adjust to your skills and budget.


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